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動物朋友 Animal Friends
​繁殖無止 悲劇根源
Endless Breeding. Never-Ending Suffering.
動物朋友倉地村落貓狗免費絕育 community animal free desexing neuter and spay

Community Animal free DeSEXING


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動物朋友 Animal Friends


Cats and dogs' ears are clipped to indicate desexing.

2.免費絕育在指定診所進行,只提供予仍在街上生活(放養/流浪)的貓狗,以避免過度繁殖。Free desexing is available at designated clinics for cats and dogs living on the streets (stray/semi-stray) to prevent overbreeding.

3.不適用於待領養或已被領養,及居住在公屋、居屋或私人樓宇的貓狗。Not applicable for cats and dogs awaiting adoption or already adopted, and those living in public housing, subsidized housing, or private buildings.

4. 動物朋友不會負責捕捉和運送。Animal Friends is not responsible for capturing and transporting animals.

​5.. 動物朋友保留最終批核權利。 Animal Friends reserves the right to final approval.

動物朋友 Animal Friends

​推行絕育 減少遺棄
Neutering to avoid abandonment

Please support community animals desexing 

倉地村落貓狗免費絕育 Community Animal Free desexing
動物朋友 Animal Friends
動物朋友 Animal Friends
動物朋友 Animal Friends
動物朋友 Animal Friends

​理念轉化成行動 Mission in Action





自2010年成立以來,我們一直堅持為生活在偏遠社區和村落的貓狗提供免費絕育服務,向飼主宣揚絕育的重要性,並勸說他們為貓狗進行絕育手術。全賴公眾的慷慨支持和捐助,至今已為超過 18,600隻動物進行絕育,其中 75% 為雌性。這意味着我們成功阻止了數十萬隻小生命的誕生,減少了無數的悲劇, 避免無辜生命被遺棄和人道毁滅。

​動物朋友不僅提倡絕育, 更致力於教育飼主如何正確照顧動物,例如提供乾淨食水和糧食、一般照料常識等,以確保牠們能夠得到應有的尊重和照顧,減輕牠們的痛苦,從根本上改變人們的觀念和行為,才能真正幫助動物。



Animal Friends is a registered non-profit organization in Hong Kong, driven by passionate volunteers who believe that the only way to truly improve the welfare of stray animals is to address the root of the problem. We are dedicated to providing free sterilization services for cats and dogs living in remote communities and villages, while also educating pet owners on the importance of this procedure.

Since our establishment in 2010, we have been able to sterilize over 18,600 animals, 75% of which were females. This means we have successfully prevented the birth of thousands of unwanted litters, reducing the heartbreaking tragedies of abandone20d and euthanized innocent lives.

But Animal Friends does not stop there. We are also committed to educating pet owners on proper animal care, such as providing clean water and food, as well as general care knowledge. This ensures that these beloved companions receive the respect and treatment they deserve, alleviating their suffering. By changing people's mindsets and behaviors from the ground up, we can make a real difference in the lives of animals.

We urge you to join us in our mission to reduce animal abandonment and ensure that every life is cared for and respected. Even the smallest contribution from you can bring hope to these vulnerable creatures. Together, we can make this world a better place for all.




在動物福利而言亦是更有成本效益。為一隻動物絕育的成本平均$1000-$2000, 相比生育後為後代尋找領養所花費的金錢和時間,或在收容所生活一輩子,更大為化算, 資源更有效地運用。

所以, 如果閣下有放養/流浪的貓狗, 請多行一步,盡早安排絕育。

如果你支持絕育, 請盡量向身邊有需要的人帶出這絕育訊息或捐助動物朋友!謝謝你!

Why does Animal Friends offer Free Desexing?

The cost of neutering ranges from $1,000 to $3,000, which not everyone can afford. Stray cats and dogs in villages and communities are often numerous, and not neutering them will only worsen the problem, leading to neglect, hunger, accidents, and even death. Encouraging feeders to bring their cats and dogs to clinics for free neutering can improve animal health and prevent thousands of unwanted births. If you have stray cats and dogs, please take the extra step to neuter them. Spread the message and donate to Animal Friends if you support neutering. Thank you!"

動物朋友免費絕育 Animal Friends Community Animal Free Desexing
香港放養貓狗 Hong Kong Semi-Stray Cats and Dogs

Semi-stray Cats and Dogs in Hong Kong 


  • 新界地區的倉地和村落,商户和村民飼養了貓和狗,目的是治老鼠和看門口,自由出入,稱為”放養”


  • 大部分沒有適當照顧,餵的是冷飯菜汁,盛水的盤也生滿青苔,動物只能在垃圾堆尋找食物充饑,但如被綁上或困起,牠們更可能一生捱餓。


  • 飼主沒有絕育意識或因金錢問題,令貓狗不停繁殖,更任由這些無辜小生命自生自滅,無助地面對饑餓、病痛、受傷、遺棄、死亡,下場悲慘。


  • 或隨意送走給不合適的人,悲劇不斷循環,僥倖生存下來的再繼續繁殖,令更多生命走上厄運。


Despite being a small international city, Hong Kong has many villages and communities in the northwest New Territories where most cats and dogs are not pets and become stray animals due to lack of protection and care.

  • In the villages and communities of the New Territories, merchants and villagers keep cats and dogs to control rodents and guard their homes, allowing them to roam freely, a practice known as 'free-roaming.'

  • However, most of these animals receive inadequate care, eating cold leftovers and drinking from mossy water dishes. They scavenge for food in garbage dumps, and if tied up or trapped, they may go hungry for life.

  • Due to a lack of awareness or financial constraints, owners do not neuter their animals, leading to continuous breeding and the suffering of innocent lives. These animals face hunger, illness, injury, abandonment, and death, trapped in a cycle of tragedy.

  • Some are given away to unsuitable owners, perpetuating the cycle and subjecting more lives to misfortune.

<< 狗狗繁殖無止的原因 >>


雌狗6個月大已可生小狗,每年生兩次,每次 6 - 10 隻。


<< The Endless Cycle of Dog Breeding >>

These are all familiar stories, have you encountered them?

Female dogs can give birth at 6 months old, twice a year, with 6-10 puppies each time.

To reduce the number of stray animals, please have your dogs neutered."

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狗狗繁殖無止的原因 The endless cycle of dog breeding
絕育的好處 The benefit of desexing

絕育的好處 The benefits of desexing​​​

  • 貓狗約5個月大時已可絕育,絕育除了是最有效和人道方法去控制動物數目外,對動物健康和社區也有不少好處。Cats and dogs can be neutered at around 5 months old. Neutering is the most effective and humane way to control animal populations, and it also has many benefits for animal health and the community.

  • 雌性貓狗絕育後再沒有發情和懷孕時引起的不安,  也減低罹患生殖器官疾病的機會, 身體會更強壯。雄性貓狗絕育後更專心看門口, 不會出外流連、打交,  減少受傷的機會, 對社區做成的滋擾亦相應減少。Desexing reduces anxiety and reproductive disease in female pets and makes them physically stronger. Neutered male pets are more focused on guarding their homes and less likely to roam or fight, reducing injuries and community disturbances.

絕育常見問題 Desexing Q&A



At what age my dog can be desexed? My cat just give birth, when is she ready for the surgery?