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​繁殖無止 悲劇根源
Endless Breeding. Never-Ending Suffering.
動物朋友倉地村落貓狗免費絕育 community animal free desexing neuter and spay

Community Animal free NEUTERING


Jessie Ng 9229 9494

Ivy Lam 9168 3119

phoebe lo 6132 5151



Cats and dogs' ears are clipped to indicate neutering.

2.免費絕育在指定診所進行,只提供予仍在街上生活(放養/流浪)的貓狗,以避免過度繁殖。Free neutering is available at designated clinics for cats and dogs living on the streets (stray/semi-stray) to prevent overbreeding.

3.不適用於待領養或已被領養,及居住在公屋、居屋或私人樓宇的貓狗。Not applicable for cats and dogs awaiting adoption or already adopted, and those living in public housing, subsidized housing, or private buildings.

4. 動物朋友不會負責捕捉和運送。Animal Friends is not responsible for capturing and transporting animals.

​5.. 動物朋友保留最終批核權利。 Animal Friends reserve the right to final approval.