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​繁殖無止 悲劇根源
Endless Breeding. Never-Ending Suffering.
動物朋友倉地村落貓狗免費絕育 community animal free desexing neuter and spay

倉地/村落貓狗免費絕育Community Animal free desexing


Jessie Ng 9229 9494

Ivy Lam 9168 3119

phoebe lo 6132 5151

​推行絕育 減少遺棄

Desexing to avoid abandonment

請支持為倉地/村落貓狗絕育放回Please support community animals desexing and return



  • 以尊重生命的理念,關注流浪貓狗的生命和待遇,致力改善現存動物的生活,以人道方法控制流浪動物的數目-絕育


  • 我們走進新界西北地區的倉地和村落,向飼主解釋絕育的重要性,說服他們讓我們為貓狗安排絕育,每月約有100隻貓狗受惠,減少因生產過剩而被遺棄的情況,長遠達至減少社區流浪動物數目。


  • 動物朋友至今已為超過13,000隻貓狗絕育,為受傷或生病的動物提供醫療,及提供食糧予街頭和收容所的動物,讓有需要的小動物得到治療及溫飽。


  • 向動物飼主灌輸照顧動物的正確方法,讓牠們生命得到應有的尊嚴和減輕牠們的痛苦。

Mission and Goal

  • Dedicated to helping the stray animals and their treatments.  Aim to improve their lives and control stray animals populations by the humane method- desexing.


  •  Proactively reach out to the animal keepers in New Territories rural areas and arrange their animals to have desexing surgeries.  


  • Over 13,000 animals are desexed under our free desexing program.  Besides, we also treat ill or injured animals and provide food to those in need of help.  


  • Educate keepers to provide basic needs to the animals with proper food and living conditions. Respect the animals' lives.


  • 普遍集中新界地區的倉地和村落,由商户和村民飼養,目的是治老鼠和看門口,這些貓狗一般都可自由出入,因而稱為”放養”

  • 絕大多數放養動物都得不到適當的待遇,吃的是冷飯菜汁,連盛水的盤也生滿青苔,牠們只能在垃圾堆尋找食物,但如被綁上或困起,牠們更可能一生捱餓。

  • 大部份放養動物的飼主沒有絕育意識或因金錢問題而沒為牠們絕育,而令牠們不停繁殖,任由這些無辜小生命自生自滅,無助地面對饑餓、病痛、受傷、遺棄、死亡,下場悲慘。僥倖生存下來的再繼續繁殖,令更多生命走上厄運。

Hong Kong Semi-stray Animals 

  • In New Territories rural areas, most cats and dogs are kept by industrial business owners or villagers for pest control and guarding purposes.  These animals usually wander around the area, so-called " Semi-stray"


  • However, most of these animals are neglected, without proper food and clean water.  Many of them suffer from starvation, digging through baggage from rubbish bins are commonly seen.  Some even got chained or caged until they died.


  • These keepers are either not aware of desexing, nor do not have their animals desexed due to certain reasons e.g. money.  As a result, many innocent puppies and kittens are being born, suffer from hunger, illness, and injuries, abandonment or even died.  For those that survive, they continue breeding and thus, suffering never ends.

香港漁農自然護理署The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

豁免持有動物售賣商牌照 Exemption from holding an ATL(ATL00074 )

香港漁農自然護理署動物領養伙伴 Animal Rehoming Partner


  • 源頭解決流浪動物問題,我們一直堅持為倉地和村落的貓狗絕育。


  • 自2010年成立開始,動物朋友已為超過13,000隻貓狗絕育,當中75%為雌性, 若以每年生產10小貓小狗計算,已成功避免了幾十萬多個小生命誕生, 減少悲劇的延續。


  • 為已絕育的動物剪耳記認,在牠們的耳角剪去一小部分以作識別。


  • 貓狗約5個月大時已可絕育,絕育除了是最有效和人道方法去控制動物數目外,對動物健康和社區也有不少好處。

  • 雌性貓狗絕育後再沒有發情時引起的不安,  也減低罹患生殖器官疾病的機會, 身體會更強壯。雄性貓狗絕育後更專心看門口, 不會出外流連、打交,  減少受傷的機會, 對社區做成的滋擾亦相應減少。

Desexing is important to the animals and also to the communities

  • Control the stray animal population from the root cause is our primary focus.

  • Animal Friends proactively reaches out and provides free desexing surgeries to semi-stray animals has been our primary focus. Control the stray animal population from the root cause is our primary focus.


  • Since 2010, Animal Friends has desexed over 13,000 cats and dogs, with 75% of them are females.  In the assumption of every female cat/dog reproduces 10 young a year, hundreds of thousands of homeless animals are prevented from being born and suffer.


  • All desexed animals are ear-clipped as virtual marking.


  • Desex surgery is for cats and dogs reach 5 months old.  Desexing is not only an effective and humane method in controlling the population, but also help to improve the animals' health and community harmony.


  • Issues caused by on-heat and pregnancy are prevented on desexed females. Chances of having the disease of reproductive organs are also avoided.  Desexed male has less tendency to roam and fight for other territories.  Nuisance in the community is diminished in the long term.

香港雖然是一個國際城市,面積亦細小,但仍有很多村落和倉地遍佈在新界西北,在這些地方生活的貓狗不是寵物,沒有受到保護,得不到溫飽,無數淪為流浪動物。Although Hong Kong is described as a world-class cosmopolitan city and the size is small, there are still many villages and warehouse yards, especially in North West New Territories.  Cats and dogs live in these areas are not kept as pets. They are not protected nor have enough food, some even become stray animals.


動物朋友免費絕育 Animal Friends Community Animal Free Desexing

動物朋友 Animal Friends

2011-18絕育總數 Total desexing figure:11,636 

倉 地 村 落 貓 狗 免 費 絕 育

Community Animal Free desexing 

動物朋友免費絕育傳單 Animal Friends Free Desexing Flyer

For inquiries or bookings, please contact:

Jessie Ng 9229 9494          Ivy Lam 9168 3119            Phoebe Lo 6132 5151

  • For over 5 months old cats and dogs 

  • Animals will be ear-clipped as DESEXED marking

動物朋友 Animal Friends

動物朋友倉地/村落貓狗絕育 每月數字


Animal Friends Medical Fund

We often come across with sick/injured cats and dogs.  It is heartbroken to see them suffer from pain or at the edge of death. To help these animals, we provide professional medical treatment. 



ANimal Friends Foodbank


動物籌募糧食, 為牠們提供溫飽,改善生活環境。


Animal Friends foodbank donates to 600 cats and dogs living in shelters or on the streets.  With proper clean food, these animals are well fed and their living conditions are also improved.



倉 地 村 落 貓 狗 免 費 絕 育

Community Animal Free desexing 


Please donate and support

Animal Friends 

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100% Volunteer Organization

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倉 地 村 落 貓 狗 免 費 絕 育

Community Animal Free desexing 


Animal Friends Medical Fund


ANimal Friends Foodbank


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Phoebe Lo     Jessie Ng     Ivy Lam

We are Animal Friends 

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香港漁農自然護理署The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

豁免持有動物售賣商牌照 Exemption from holding an ATL(ATL00074 )

香港漁農自然護理署動物領養伙伴 Animal Rehoming Partner