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​繁殖無止 悲劇根源
Endless Breeding. Never-Ending Suffering.
動物朋友倉地村落貓狗免費絕育 community animal free desexing neuter and spay

Community Animal free desexing


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Ivy Lam 9168 3119

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Ear-tip will be CUT as a marking of "desexed'

2.免費絕育在指定診所進行,只提供予仍在街上生活(放養/流浪)的貓狗,以避免過度繁殖。Free desexing surgeries are performed at designated vet clinics and are offered ONLY to animals that are STILL living on the streets (stray and semi-stray) to encounter overpopulation problems.

3.不適用於待領養或已被領養,及居住在公屋、居屋或私人樓宇的貓狗。Not applicable to waiting for ADOPTION and adopted animals live in public housing, government-subsidized or private properties are not eligible. 

4. 動物朋友不會負責捕捉和運送。Animal Friends is not responsible to trap and transport the animals 

​5.. 動物朋友保留最終批核權利。 Animal Friends reserve the right to final application approval.

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動物朋友倉地村落貓狗絕育 2022絕育總數


動物朋友仍然是最專注於絕育,為從源頭解決流浪動物問題,我們一直堅持為倉地和村落的貓狗絕育超過10年,至今已為超過16,000 隻貓狗進行絕育。希望來年見到更多村落倉地的貓狗能接受絕育,能得以善待!


Animal Friends Community Animal Desexing 2022

In 2022, 1,032 cats and dogs (over 700 are females)  are desexed under Animal Friends Community Animal Desexing Program.

 We are grateful to have the support of vet clinics, loving and caring vets and nurses, people who contribute their time and effort, and every donor who supports and trusts us.

Animal Friends, has been devoted to solving the root cause of the stray animal population.  In the past 10 years, over 16,000 cats and dogs are privileged.  Hundred of thousands of innocent but unwanted pups and kittens are prevented from being born and suffer.  We will continue our work promoting and providing free desexing surgeries to stray and semi-stray animals. Please support our work and program.  Join us to promote the importance of desexing to achieve the ultimate goal - reduce abandonment.


​推行絕育 減少遺棄

Desexing to avoid abandonment

Please support community animals desexing 

倉地村落貓狗免費絕育 Community Animal Free desexing
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​理念 Mission




為從源頭解決流浪動物問題,動物朋友一直堅持為倉地和村落的貓狗絕育,自2010年成立至今,已為 16,000+ 隻貓狗提供免費絕育,避免數以十萬計的流浪動物被遺棄和人道毁滅,也改善了小動物的待遇和福利。


Animal Friends is devoted to solving the root cause of stray animal overpopulation, by providing Free-of-charge DESEXING ( Sterilization)  surgeries to stray and semi-stray cats and dogs that live on industrial lands and villages.  Since its 2010 establishment, over 16,000 cats and dogs have been desexed under our program.  Hundreds of thousands of stray animals are avoided being born, abandoned, or euthanized.  We believe, desexing is the most effective and humane method to control the animals' population, their health, living standard, and ultimately their welfare is also greatly improved.

We are a Hong Kong-registered charitable organization run entirely by volunteers.  Our donations rely on generous individual donors who love animals and support our work and mission.  We insist on $0 administration expenses.  All proceeds are for desexing, medical care, and food.  Please be together with us to combat the innocent animals' suffering.