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動物朋友一直為倉地/村落貓狗絕育,從源頭解決減少流浪動物數量。Animal Friends has been providing FREE desexing surgeries to the animals live at villages and brownfield sites.  Our aim is to reduce stray animal populations.

​特別是新界將有很多村落/棕地面臨收地,令數以千計小動物流離失所。當務之急是為牠們絕育,以減少將來更多動物受苦。  Since the re-development plans in the New Territories will affect thousands of animals, desexing is absolutely an urgent action to take to prevent more animals to suffer in the future.

我們極需要地方人士相助,張貼免費絕育宣傳單張,或直接交予飼主,幫助區內的小動物。We NEED the community to help to post the FREE desexing leaflet in the area or pass to the animal keepers directly. 

請留下閣下地址資料,我們會寄上10張宣傳單張。閣下也可在此下載,謝謝。 Please fill up the following form, we will post 10 leaflets to you soon.  You may also download here.  Thanks a lot.

​如有查詢,請聯絡 Jessie Ng 9229 9494。 Please contact Jessie Ng 92299494 for


我可幫助張貼傳單  I can help to post the leaflets


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