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​絕育常見問題 Desexing Q&A


我屋企附近有流浪貓 ,你們會派人黎捉去嗎?
There are some stray cats near my home, will you send someone to trap them? 



Animal Friends does not have manpower, time and resources to go and trap cats.  Sorry about that. 

However, we hope that you will help the cats close by your home area.  Please contact us and we are happy to share the methods.

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貓狗幾多個月大可絕育 ?

How old should the cats and dogs get desexed? 

大概 5 個月大  Around 5 months old

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​I am not sure about their age, how to tell?

換齊成年牙齒代表已可絕育 All permanent teeth grown means the animal is old enough for desexing.


為什麼是5個月大?Why 5 months old?


The purpose of having cats and dogs desexed at the age of 5months old is to avoid the first heat cycle, which would be effectively

1/ 避免懷孕 Avoid pregnancy

2/ 避免發情期引起的問題 ,例如逃走/打交/感染性病  Avoid on-heat/mating caused issues   e.g. escape/fight/TVT  

3/ 避免90% Avoid 90% hormone-related disease 

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點知道貓狗正發情?維持多久?How to tell if the cat/dog is in heat cycle?  How long does it last?

狗 Dog: 

​1/ 陰部有淺紅色分泌流出,維持一星期左右。狗公會被氣味吸引而來,但狗女沒有興趣交配 Light color blood discharge from the vulva.  Last for about 1 week.  Male dogs are attracted by the chemical substances from the female.  However, the female is not interested to mate at this stage.

2/ 狗女陰部開始腫漲, 仍有分泌,會站立願意交配,維持一星期左右。

The vulva softens and swollen.  Discharge continues.  Stand up and ready to mate.  Last about 1 week as well.


貓 Cat:

1/ 頭一兩天,貓女陰部腫漲,食量增加,十分活躍,發出短低叫聲,比平常嬌嗲。貓公會被氣味吸引而來,但貓女沒有興趣交配。The first stage lasting about 1-2 days.  Vulva enlarged slightly.  Increase of appetite and restlessness, utter short low calls and more affectionate.  Male cats are attracted but the female is not ready to mate.

2/ 貓女準備交配,會發出更大和頻密慘叫聲,維持4-6日。 Louder and more frequently meows, even sound like in pain.  Female cat ready for mating.  Last about 4-7 days.  

動物朋友 Animal Friends

一年發情幾多次? How many heat cycle in a year?

​狗 Dog : 2 次 times

貓 Cat : 3-4 次 times

動物朋友 Animal Friends

​懷孕期幾多天才生產?How long is the pregnancy? 

狗 Dog : 大概56-58天 about 56-58 days

貓 Cats : 大概63天 about 63 days

動物朋友 Animal Friends

發情/懷孕可絕育嗎? If animals are in heat cycle or pregnancy, can it be neutered?

可以 Yes 

動物朋友 Animal Friends

生產完後何時可以絕育?How many weeks should the female cats/dogs be desexed after whelping? 

貓貓-6-8星期,狗狗 – 8-10星期。請預早排期。

6-8 weeks for cats.  8-10 weeks for dogs.  Please arrange in advance to avoid delay.


​絕育手術是上門做嗎? Desexing surgery is done at my home?


Definitely NOT.  Desexing surgeries are performed at vet clinic, same as human have surgeries done in hospitals


​如何知道動物已絕育?How to tell if the animal is desexed?

請留意耳尖是否剪平或剪成 V 字,這是絕育記認.



Check if ear-clipped marking either in a straight line or V sharp.  That is a virtual marking for desexed animals.

Or ask the keepers/feeders directly.

You may also observe in the next 6 to 12 months to check if the females are still having heat cycles.

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