❤️❤️座枱月曆現貨已到,欲購從速,送禮自用佳宜 Animal Friends 2019 Desk Calendar Charity Sale ❤️❤️



義賣價: $88 / 1本 ; $160 / 2本 (只限順豐到付)
Charity sale price : $88/pcs; $160/2pcs (SF cost paid on delivery)



把入數紙,網上過數截圖或PayMe 連結whatsapp 至電話 91649678。


To order :

Please screencap the bank-in slip or PayMe transaction.  Send WhatsApp message

to 91649678


(1) 銀行入數 “Animal Friends Limited" 戶口 Bank-in to AF account:

HSBC ‪400-865929-838‬
Bank of China ‪012-394000-42952‬
Hang Seng Bank ‪789-603-263-883‬


(2) PayMe

‪PayMe 電話:‬91649678





「動物朋友」成立以來,感激大家的支持,使我們由一個藉藉無名的團體,漸漸得到認同,做到一點成績。自2017年中,多謝一班義工的熱心及無私付出,在每個星期天舉行領養日,至今已為超過500隻貓狗找到安樂窩。 Thank you for supporting AF's work. Since mid-2017, we are grateful to have an adoption volunteer team that dedicated on rehoming and organizing adoption event every Sunday. Their devotion and effort have helped over 500 cats and dogs finding a loving home.



可惜幸福非必然,在街上仍然有很多貓狗等待援手,「動物朋友」堅守宗旨繼續為社區動物提供免費絕育服務. All lovely kittens/puppies in the 2019 calendars are rescued and have found their permanent homes through AF's adoption program. We believe all animals deserve our love regardless of their breeds and background. Unfortunately, there are still many cats and dogs waiting for our help. AF will continue our focus on providing free desexing surgeries to community animals.



義賣月曆的所有收益不扣成本全數將用作 「社區動物絕育及醫療支援」及「食物銀行」。
Please support and purchase AF 2019 desk calendar. All sales income proceed to " Community Animal Free Desexing" and "Foodbank".



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Designed by Rave and Ken 
Sponsored by ChinaWin International Ltd and Kris Leung


動物朋友 2019 月曆 Animal Friends 2019 Calendar